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OF Changes for clarity

3. Major revision - a material change

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    Chris Brown
    Requesting Organisation
    NHS Digital
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    HSCN Authority
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    Component Details

    Component Changing
    HSCN Obligations Framework
    Component Version
    Section Changing
    General uplift to v4.2
    Sub-section Changing
    Paragraph Changing

    Descriptions of the Change

    Change Description

    The Obligations Framework

    • We have request that the spreadsheet is re-formatted to make supplier requirements on a stage by stage basis easier to find and understand
    • We request to add an increased level of specificity to the service management requirements in Column I: Evidence required for HSCN Compliance. This has been changed to assist suppliers to construct their service management responses in a more targeted manner
    • We request some amendments to some service management obligations to more clearly articulate our Business Continuity obligations which ties up to the requirements set out in the Compliance Addendum controls Annex (Annex A) – A Business Continuity response is now required as part of stage 1 compliance (this is also detailed in this version of the Compliance Operating Model).
    Change Reason

    To ensure that the Operating Model and associated documents, tools and materials are:

    • as specific as they can be to provide clear guidance to suppliers
    • as easy to use as they can be for suppliers
    • Incorporating the latest Business Continuity requirements and correct alignment to CAS-T
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    Documents Included
    Reference Title / Filename Version Cmts Status
    0001a-01a HSCN Obligations Framework 4.2 0 Not Applicable
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