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HSCN Change Control

    HSCN Change Control is the process that enables formal changes to any of the key HSCN Compliance Components, as follows:

    • The HSCN Obligations Framework – also incorporating the Service Management Addendum;
    • The CN-SP Deed;
    • The Mandatory Supplemental Terms (MST); and
    • The HSCN Compliance Operating Model (OM) and the process(es) associated with it.

    The Change Control Process formally implements obligations OPCON.1 and OPCERT.2 of the HSCN Obligations Framework, and section 10 of the CN-SP Deed. Access to initiating documentation is open to the public, however participation in the Change Control process itself is only open to HSCN Stage 1 Suppliers, HSCN Stage 2 Suppliers, and Innopsis members. Registration to this website is required.

    NHS Digital
    Reference Title Request Date Status
    0036f/20211110 Review 2021: Service Management Addendum In Review
    0036e/20211110 Review 2021: HSCN Obligations Framework In Review
    0036d/20211110 Review 2021: HSCN Templates In Review
    0036c/20211110 Review 2021: HSCN Data Reporting Requirements In Review
    0036b/20211110 Review 2021: HSCN Compliance Operating Model In Review
    0036a/20211110 Review 2021: HSCN Compliance Annex A Minimum Baseline In Review
    0001c/20170922 OF Change & re-title to ‘Compliance Addendum’ Closed
    0001b/20170922 Compliance Operating Model changes for clarity Closed
    0001a/20170922 OF Changes for clarity Closed