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Procurement Process

Target Completion

    The Procurement Process workstream will be focussed on the initial five themes (below) extracted from the pre-kick off Survey feedback, as well as all live Q&A from the Pre-Market Engagement Kick-off Session, regarding Further Competition (FC) and Direct Award (DA) procurement routes. All discussions will be noted. 

    1. Visibility of E-Marketplace (Direct Award)
    2. Uploading of Service Offers (DA)
    3. Inconsistent E-Tendering Platform (FC) used by Buyers
    4. Buyer’s responsibility in Further Competition
    5. CCS Guidance

    The schedule of meetings for January 2022 will be as follows (MS Teams online):

    (Please note, these meetings may change to suit availability of members but please make every effort to attend all sessions).

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    Reference Title Version Status Cmts
    PPW-Intro Slides 03 Introduction Slides from 3rd Session 1 Active 0
    PPW-Minutes of Meeting 03 Procurement Process_Minutes of Meeting_19012022 V1 Final 1 Active 3
    PPW-CIAB Indicators & Q&A Connectivity in a Box Draft Indicators for RFQ Template and Q&A Not Applicable 0
    PPW-CIAB Minutes of Meeting 01 Procurement Process_CiaB Minutes of Meeting_230222 V1 FINAL 1 Active 0
    PPW-CIAB Minutes of Meeting 02 Procurement Process_CiaB Minutes of Meeting_050422 V1 FINAL 1 Active 0
    PPW-CIAB RFQ Template (FINAL) CIAB Draft RFQ Template_FINAL 2 Accepted 0
    PPW-CIAB Slides Connectivity in a Box Slides Extract from Industry Day 1 Not Applicable 0
    PPW-Intro Slides 01 Introduction Slides from 1st Session 1 Not Applicable 0
    PPW-Intro Slides 02 Introduction Slides from 2nd Session 1 Active 0
    PPW-Minutes of Meeting 01 Procurement Process_Minutes of Meeting_07012022 V1 Final 1 Active 0
    PPW-Minutes of Meeting 02 Procurement Process_Minutes of Meeting_12012022 V1 Final 1 Active 0
    PPW-Minutes of Meeting 04 Procurement Process_Minutes of Meeting_21012022 V1 Final 1 Active 0
    PPW-Minutes of Meeting 05 Procurement Process_Minutes of Meeting_25012022 V1 Final 1 Active 0
    PPW-Workstream Tracker NS3 Procurement Process Workstream Tracker_V2 2 Active 0
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    Reference Title Cmts Status
    PPW01 Basware Portal Improvements 2 Accepted
    PPW02 Service Offer (SO) Approval Process Improvements 1 Accepted
    PPW03 Centralisation of E-tender Platforms, capture of opportunities, and clear naming of Buyer in notifications 0 Accepted
    PPW04 Buyer Tendering Guidance 0 Accepted
    PPW05 More Price Flexibility within Direct Award 2 Accepted
    PPW06 Clarity around Direct Award 0 Accepted
    PPW07 Additional CCS Guidance Improvements 0 Accepted
    PPW08 Connectivity in a Box Concept 1 Accepted
    PPW09 Social Value % and Evaluation 0 Accepted


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