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NS3 Pre-market Engagement UPDATE

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Registration for this event has closed.
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Event Details

We are happy to announce that on Thursday 16th June, Innopsis will be holding a joint event with Crown Commercial Service to present an update on the NS3 pre-market engagement.



On the 2nd November 2021 we held the initial kick-off for the NS3 pre-market engagement for suppliers.  This was followed by a number of focused events and topical workshops designed to offer suppliers an opportunity to feedback on lessons learned from NS2 and to inform CCS considerations on the upcoming NS3 agreement by identifying areas for potential improvement.

Our next Industry event will be on 16th June 2022 and will present an overview of the proposals put forward by the Industry workshops, highlight quick-wins, and provide an update on the forthcoming tender.



14:00 - Introduction and overview - Peter Takacs & Keith Smith
  • Welcome and logistics for this online event
  • Agenda
  • The Collaboration journey: Workstreams & co-chairs
14:15 - Timelines - Peter Takacs
  • FBC
  • ITT release
  • Award
14:25 - Innopsis: Present and future collaboration - Keith Smith
14:35 - Lot Structure Design - Peter Hutchings & Andrew Emmett
  • Market representation
  • New additions
  • Customer focus
  • Q&A
15:00 - Break
15:10 - Terms and Conditions - Lucy McComack & Tim Scott
  • Proposals for change summarised & some highlights
  • Q&A
15:40 - Order Processing - James Pratt & Suzanne Marshall
  • Customer & Supplier journey
  • Connectivity in a box
  • Direct award
  • Q&A
16:10 - Account management - Helen Thurston & Lynne Magennis
  • Highlights of proposed changes
  • Q&A
16:20 - Break
16:30 - Quick wins - all co-chairs
  • Key achievements so far (all workstreams)
  • Changes we can expect
16:50 - Special Lots - Peter Takacs
  • Radio
  • Critical Domain Services
16:55 - Social Value - James Pratt
  • Exclusion criteria and 10% weighting
17:00 - Thank you and closing remarks - Peter Takacs & Keith Smith


How to Register

The NS3 pre-market engagement has been, and continues to be, open to all who decide to participate. You do not need to become a paid-up Innopsis member to participate in the pre-market engagement or to attend this event.

Registration closed at 12:45 16 June.

An email confirming your registration will be sent to you within a few minutes of completion.  Following this (usually within 24 hours) a separate email with your join link will be generated.

Please note that join links will be specific to you, should you share your link with another party you may be ejected from the event when they join (or vice versa). Rather than sharing an event link we ask that all participants register for this free event so they can receive their unique join link


Presentation Material and Event Recording

All presentation material (slides, etc.) will be made publicly available via this page within 24 hours of the event's completion.

The event will be recorded. The video recording will be available to Innopsis members via the Member's area on this website.



If you should have any questions about this event or the NS3 pre-market engagement you can contact the team via the Contact Us form.


Best regards,
The NS3 Team.

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