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In the world of networks, digital services, and information sharing across the public sector, we believe that the marketplace is at an historic inflection point.

Innopsis is a nonprofit industry association that works on behalf of suppliers of digital Infrastructure to the public sector. For nine years we have been deeply involved with, and influential in, the projects and programmes that have transformed how the public sector procures and consumes innovative information sharing services, and how industry develops and markets these services.

We were originally established as part of the Public Services Network (PSN) operating model, working with government to define the PSN marketplace. This is experience that we have subsequently brought to bear within the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) programme, and the emerging ‘Internet First’ initiative, and various procurement frameworks.

Now, as the authorities consult with industry on the future direction of public sector telecommunications, we are again engaged on behalf of our members.

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Example Insights

At a recent Public Sector Connect PSN Summit, Keith Smith - our technology director - spoke about key developments that are set to drive procurements in the Public Sector for the foreseeable future.

Highlights include:

  • The forthcoming Telecom Security Bill
  • The business case for 5G
  • PSTN switch-off
  • New build-out programmes

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