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Review 2021: HSCN Obligations Framework

4. Major revision - significant/large uplift

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    Tim Ruff
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    NHS Digital
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    HSCN Authority
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    HSCN Obligations Framework
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    Change Description

    Various documents and obligations have been reviewed and updated or otherwise amended doing the course of an all up review of the HSCN Obligations Framework. In addition a number of new obligations have been developed and added to the Obligations Framework with supporting documentation.

    The changes and associated documentation are entered into the formal Innopsis Change Control process and listed in the document 'HSCN Obligation Framework Review - List of proposed amendments 221021'.

    Change Reason

    Multiple documents and obligations have been uplifted, amended and created following the HSCN Obligation Framework review carried out over the period July to October 2021. All controlled documents were in the scope of review. A Joint review was held, led by NHS Digital and Innopsis, in collaboration with the HSCN CN-SP's.

    The purpose of this review was to ensure that the HSCN Obligations Framework was updated after being in use for 4 years, was fit for purpose and supported the marketplace in the future. Following conclusion of the review and agreement of the changes necessary these have been entered into the formal change control process.

    Change Commentary


    Documents Included
    Reference Title / Filename Version Cmts Status
    0036-01a 0036_20211110 HSCN Compliance CR Form 1 0 Not Applicable
    0036-05a HSCN Obligations Framework Review - List of proposed amendments 221021 1 0 Not Applicable
    0036-06a HSCN Release & Configuration Note 1 0 Not Applicable
    0036-08a HSCN Obligations Framework 5.0 0 In Review
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